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Intelligent buildings are a unique segment in the “Internet of Things,” an industry that has several different types of use cases for connected technology. For example, energy management and how demand response work in a building. Security is another area, such as video surveillance and access control, and the integration of these solutions in monitoring work zones within a building that adjusts lighting and ventilation in a zone based on the number of employees in a sector. Renewable energy and buildings that sell energy back to the grid. These are just a few examples.

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Our services span from idea to execution.  Compass Intelligence's team of well-known Experts provide consulting and advisory services using metrics-driven intelligence and insights complimenting our syndicated market research. For details on our coverage, please click here.

The core of our intelligence model is on-going primary research, leveraging our in-house Thought Leaders Panel.  We excel at market segmentation, such as by size of business or vertical/industry, ideation, and strategic planning.  With a team of leading experts in the Mobile & Wireless, M2M & IoT applications, Sensors, Manufacturing, Consumer Electronics, and Customer & Digital Experience industries, Compass Intelligence helps clients exceed all growth objectives. 

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Go Mobile 2015

Go Mobile 2015

Compass Intelligence is proud to announce that Go Mobile 2015 will be held once again in Dallas, TX from November 11-13, 2015. Go Mobile is a conference designed to enable enterprise (small and large businesses) IT professionals who are directly involved with mobile and wireless deployments and management to learn, educate, network, and explore the latest issues, challenges, and successes in mobile device, mobile applications, mobile cloud, mobile workforce, and M2M/IoT technology and solutions.

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Compass Intelligence Press Release

Early adoption from verticals such as industrial, field services, oil & gas and healthcare/ medical to drive growth for enterprise wearable devices

SAN ANTONIO, TX 23 JUNE 2015: Compass Intelligence announced today the release of two new reports that cover the emerging enterprise wearables market. Reports include Enterprise Wearables Market: 2Q 2015 Survey Results & Analysis and US Enterprise Wearables Market: 5-Year Forecast, 2014-2019, both available on Wearable devices are proving to be the defining technology of 2015. The initial trickle of niche devices has turned into a steady stream with a tidal wave expected over the next five years. Growth for wearables in the enterprise will be driven by early adoption from verticals such as industrial, field services, oil & gas and healthcare. In addition, as employers focus more on employee health & wellness, Compass Intelligence anticipates an increase in fitness or wellness-based wearable devices to be adopted to incorporate into existing corporate wellness programs. The terms wearable technology , wearable devices , and wearables all refer to electronic technologies or computers that are incorporated into items of clothing and accessories, which can comfortably be worn on the body including implantables. These wearable devices can perform many of the same computing tasks as mobile phones and laptop computers.

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